The homoepathic remedy of Santo Daime ( Ayahuasca):
Provings and clinical experiences
Johannes Latzel, Freiburg, Germany

Santo Daime is the name of a holy tea prepared from two plants from the Brasilian rain-forest.
And Santo Daime is the name of a brasilian church in which the holy tea is the centre of the
social and spiritual life.
Based on Provings and clinical experiences of Santo Daime done in Freiburg/ Germany
a drug- picture of the  homoeopathic Santo Daime has been developed and clinically confirmed.

Santo Daime is a vey precious remedy expspecially for people who
have a spiriutal understanding of their experiences of failure,   existential life-crisis,
experiences with death of relatives or friends of personal being threated by  death
and expecially people with  burn-out-syndroms or depressions.

Briefly summarized one could describe the homoeopathic Santo Daime as a remedy for people who
go through the dark night of the soul.